What is SOSAA?

The foundation of Society of South Asia Archaeology (SOSAA) was laid by three eminent archaeologists Prof. Vasant Shinde (India), Prof. Ishan Ali (Pakistan) and Prof. Sudharshan Seniveratne (Sri Lanka) in 2005 out of the common concern and need for providing a common dedicated platform to international scholars and young budding research scholars in the field of South Asian studies. It was further realized that one needs to have a paradigm/organization of such nature within the home turf i.e. within South Asia.

Hence, keeping this genesis in mind Society of South Asia Archaeology (SOSAA) was born and started as a registered organization providing a dedicated platform to all scholars where one can present their research and views and exchange ideas and problems and solutions about South Asian studies. It was also suggested that this organization should be structured in a manner that permits extended discussion beyond the usual question and answer session. This is to create a society that would deal with the archaeology, anthropology, history and ethnography of Asia in general and South Asia in particular.

As Afghanistan, Iran and Central Asia are historically closely related to South Asia, the countries of this region have also been included on this podium. SOSAA organizes the annual Congress every alternate year within South Asian country in view to the organization’s objectives and motto of providing a common ground of interactions and exchanges in the field of South Asian studies.